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Roll-Tech has been roll-forming for over 50 years (the first manufacturer of insulated glass spacers dba Sam Tarod Rollforming). As a result, they have a tremendous amount of experience, a huge inventory of tooling dies, and a prodigious sense of customer service. For their customers, that translates into lower costs, shorter lead times, fast turnaround and precision roll-forming. They are also a proven resource for problem solving in any manufacturing context involving replacing aluminum extrusions with steel roll-forming or for providing steel or aluminum stiffeners in extruded vinyl products.

If Roll-Tech does not have off-the-shelf tooling to meet their customer's specifications, they will put their considerable experience and ingenuity to work to modify the tooling that they already have or suggest new tooling or changes in the manufacturing process, or sometimes even slight modifications of the product itself. Through their suggestions, they strive to produce the same, or a better end-product more cost-effectively. Because this is so, over the years their customers continue to rely on them for helping in solving manufacturing problems involving stiffeners for vinyl extrusions, or for replacing aluminum extrusions with steel roll-forming.

Roll-Tech invites any manufacturer of products involving stiffeners for extruded vinyl, or the replacement of extruded aluminum with steel roll-forming to call them or send them their specs for stiffeners or roll-forming so that they may gain the benefits of Roll-Tech's experience, problem solving ability and total commitment to customer service.


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